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News over the weekend

At the start of the weekend,  Bloomberg reported that “UnitedHealth Group Inc., the largest U.S. health insurer, has decided to call it quits in two state Obamacare markets. The insurer won’t sell plans for next year in Georgia and Arkansas, according to state insurance regulators. ”

In a column report by the  Los Angeles Times   however,  mentioned “United, which makes most of its money in the large-group (employer) market, always was a reluctant participant in the individual exchanges, and was largely inept at pricing and managing those products. “

Where do you stand on the Affordable Care Act?

Last March was the 6th anniversary of  the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  According to this report from, 20 million people now have healthcare coverage and that 4.3 million jobs have been created.

This report by, however, said that “not all insurance is good insurance . Unnecessary over-insurance promotes overutilization and drives up costs for everyone.” The report further argues that the ACA was introduced after the recession — the economy always adds jobs after a recession.

This chart from Kaiser Family Foundation shows us how deeply divided the public has remained on the health reform law since it was passed in March 2010.

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