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Lyft and Aging2.0 Partner to Improve Transportation for Older Adults


On September 14, Lyft and Aging2.0 announced a wide-ranging partnership to increase the awareness and availability of transportation options for older adults. According to Transportation for America over 15 million Americans over 65 today live in areas where public transportation service is poor or nonexistent, and that number is set to rise significantly in the coming decade. Improving access to affordable and effective transportation alternatives is increasingly important for individuals living independently as well as those living in senior care communities. The partnership with Aging2.0 will help Lyft connect with the 120+ corporate members of the Aging2.0 Alliance and across its 40 global chapters and 15,000 person network.

“We’re looking to connect people and communities through affordable, safe and reliable transportation, and our partnership with Aging2.0 gives us a unique way to reach this important and underserved demographic,” said Gyre Renwick, Head of Enterprise Healthcare Partnerships at Lyft.

“Lyft is the fastest growing on-demand transportation service in the United States and its mission to bring people together resonates with our community-driven approach.” said Scott Peifer, VP of Alliance Development at Aging2.0. “We are delighted to welcome Lyft to the Alliance community and are excited about their efficient and affordable transportation option for older adults and senior care providers.”

Key elements of the partnership include:

● Lyft will join the Aging2.0 Alliance membership program ( – a unique global community of innovation-minded corporations, senior care providers and aging-focused startups.
● Lyft will be the exclusive Champion Sponsor of the Mobility theme at the forthcoming Aging2.0 OPTIMIZE Conference ( in San Francisco, CA on October 12-14, 2016, and use the event to engage directly with senior care operators, startups, partners and older adults themselves.
● Aging2.0 and Lyft will collaborate on thought leadership and educational opportunities in this important area starting with a webinar on September 19th, 2016. This will highlight recent successful case studies and partnerships with CareMore, GreatCall and Peninsula Volunteers among others. A white paper is also planned.


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