24M Will Be Uninsured if ObamaCare is Repealed: Study

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Twenty-four million more people would be uninsured by 2021 if the Affordable Care Act was repealed, according to a report released Monday by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. (Morning Consult)

At the same time, repeal would reduce federal government spending on healthcare by $927 billion over 10 years, the study finds. However, the Congressional Budget Office has found that despite the lower spending, the deficit would increase because ObamaCare’s tax increases and Medicare cuts would also be repealed. (The Hill)

The study also broke down who those uninsured people would be. More than 80 percent of those losing coverage would be in working families, and about 66 percent would have a just a high-school degree or less. About half of the people who would lose coverage would be white, and 40 percent would be young adults. (CNBC)



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