The Future of ObamaCare Long After Obama Leaves Office

ObamaCare premiums are expected to rise more sharply than they have in previous years, and Republicans are seizing on the issue for electoral advantage. (The Hill)

Hillary Clinton admits that high costs are a serious problem for Obamacare, but she continues to champion the controversial healthcare law, and Republicans hope to take advantage of that as the November election nears. (NewsMax)

Obamacare’s regulations opened the door for many low-income individuals and families to get health insurance, many middle-class families are struggling with rising premium and deductible costs. (The Motley Fool)

Unless there is an infusion of younger, healthier customers in  the Obamacare pool of consumers, these increases will become unsustainable. And there is zero evidence so far that Obamacare is attracting millennials in massive numbers. (American Thinker)

Last week, a pair of Republican lawmakers unveiled the world’s greatest health-care plan. (The Atlantic)

Obamacare is faltering. No matter who wins in November, the next president will face a genuine crisis of the current president’s making.(Forbes)

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