Will Donald Trump Touch Medicare?

Trump’s chief policy adviser, Sam Clovis, said for the first time a President Trump would be willing to “take a look at all of the programs, including entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare,” while whittling down the federal budget. (International Business Times)

Trump has repeatedly said that he would not touch Medicare and Social Security benefits if elected president. But Clovis said that may not be the case after a Trump administration is in place for a while. (The Hill)

“We have to start taking a look not just at Medicare and Social Security but every program we have out there, because the budgetary discipline that we’ve shown over the last 84 years has been horrible,” Clovis said. (Wall Street Journal)

That statement came just before Trump met with House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday to try to make peace with the top Republican policymaker, who has spearheaded a series of House budget outlines that would dramatically restructure Medicare and Medicaid and sharply reduce federal spending on those two programs. (Modern Healthcare)

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