CMS Willing to Revise Part B Drug Pay Plan

The pressure is on for the CMS to transform or even drop its recently proposed plan to change the way it pays hospitals and doctors for outpatient drugs covered by Medicare Part B. Comments about the proposed rule are flooding the agency before the May 9 deadline and most of the 600 opinions received so far are negative. (Modern Healthcare)

The administration’s proposal to change how Medicare pays for certain drugs has drawn objections from both sides of the aisle. Republicans want it to be completely scrapped, while Democrats have expressed serious reservations and called for changes. (The Hill)

The CMS plan would replace the current Medicare reimbursement — the average sales price of the drug plus a 6% add-on fee to cover costs — with a rate of the average sales price (ASP) plus 2.5%, plus a flat fee of $16.80 per drug per day. The flat fee would be adjusted at the beginning of each year. (MedPage Today)

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