Anthem Benefits from Affordable Care Act Enrollments

Anthem’s first quarter earnings were better than expected as the company welcomed 1 million new customers across its businesses since the end of last year, including 184,000 who signed up for coverage on public exchanges under the Affordable Care Act. (Forbes)

As many companies’ first-quarter earnings roll in, health insurers are being carefully watched for clues as to how they are faring selling policies on Affordable Care Act exchanges, especially after the country’s biggest insurer, UnitedHealth Group, said last week it would exit most of those exchanges due to hundreds of millions in losses from them.(International Business Times)

While the Affordable Care Act has helped companies like Anthem add paying customers, those new members have often had higher-than-expected medical costs.(Bloomberg)

Concern around Affordable Care Act health exchanges, which have been a challenging and money-losing market for health insurers, remained top of mind for analysts and investors on Wednesday.(The Street)